Sea Bass With Mediterranean Tomato Sauce

Whenever I think of this sea bass recipe, I close my eyes and try to remember where it all stemmed from – on the port of St Tropez, I sat at a seafood restaurant, where I fell in-love with a tasty sea-bass dish. I enjoyed it so much, I vowed to make it once I got back home. And so it begun.

The beauty of this dish is not only the seabass, but the accompanying sauce. Cooked with cherry tomatoes, basil, oregano leaves, and white wine, it blends


  • Sea bass fillet
  • Salt
  • Black pepper

To make the sauce:

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • 4 small courgettes
  • Sun-dried tomatoes
  • Oregano leaves (for flavour)
  • Basil leaves (for flavour)

To serve:

  • Boiled white rice

What do you think?

Written by Benita

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